Photo Credit: Bani J So , yesterday, there is a press conference kept at the Bigg Boss house where the contestants were grilled by journalists regarding their performance in the house. Something that stole the limelight was the catfight of sorts that broke out among Bani J and Lopamudra Raut. It all started when Bani was aske d about her relationship with Lopa and the latter would keep butting in every two minutes, not really allowing Bani to speak. But all hell pennyless loose when Bani had been asked a question about the girl best friend Gauhar Khan plus whether she plans to carry on this catfight with Lopa till the end, just like Gauahar did with Tanisha Mukherjee. Lopa wouldn't let Bani speak, making her totally furious' and to top everything, the world's most annoying person aka Priyanka Jagga kept interfering albeit to protect Bani, but this continuous bickering irked her in order to no end. Moreover, upon hearing her best friend's name, Bani got much more emotional and w alked out from the press conference screaming 'I can't stand this all that shit! ' Looks like today's event is going to be quite something!